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Leggggggooo my LEGOLAS

Orlando Bloom I'd give you the moon
Just to see you run in the forest
And it's never to soon to see you and swoon
But I'd love to get my hands on your... *ahem!*

If you married me now it'd be better somehow
Than it is already without you
So just don your wig because you're uglier than a pig (without it)
And maybe we'll go get Chinese.

Poetry doesn't always hafta rhyme right grrrrrlz???
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Oooh yoo meen Orli's not ugleee
No1s pretteir than Orli

(hehe that rhymes).

Actually I think you managed to sum up the essence so perfectly yeah. No one steal poor Orli's wig.

(Ack am gonna be sick)
If you really really like Orlando like every other almost sane girl on the planet you'd make the time to make your poem rhyme like my poem.

You are not a true Orlando worshipper!!!!