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Hi Hi

 Hello fellow fan girls.  I am a avid yaoi and shounen ai fan girl.  I love to read, write and watch yaoi.  Actually there is a series that I found and I saw that there are some other yaoi obsessed girls on here so if it's okay, hope so, I'll post the link.  It's very short, only two episodes so it's an easy watch.  It is however a little graphic so if you're a little girl please don't tell anyone I gave it to you.  

Title: Papa To Kiss In The Dark
Genre: Yaoi
Rating: Mature
Summary:  Mira and Kyousuke, who happens to be his father, enjoy a very close relationship

The link is for the first part to episode one.  Both episodes and all of their parts are on the site so I hope that everyone enjoys.  If enough people get interested in it I would love to start a community because I think it's adorable.  Sayonara.
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